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Mark Alger, Essex County
Anthony J. Picente, Jr.

NYSAC President

Oneida County Executive


Fast Facts about NYSAC:
1. NYSAC was established by county officials in 1925.

2. NYSAC is governed by a non-partisan 15-member Board of Directors, composed of county officials representing New York's 12 Judicial Districts.

3. NYSAC's policy agenda is set through 12 standing committees, made up of county officials who are experts in their fields.

4. NYSAC has saved taxpayers over $5 billion since 2005 in one program reform alone: Medicaid.

5. Along with NY's other municipal associations, NYSAC will soon launch the Municipal Innovation Exchange to foster government efficiency and service-sharing at the local level.

6. NYSAC is the only organization whose membership is limited to the 62 counties of New York State.


New York State Association of Counties' mission is to represent, educate, advocate for, and serve member counties and the thousands of elected and appointed county officials who serve the public.

NYSAC represents New York's counties before federal, state and local officials on matters germane to county governments; and we inform our membership and the public at large on issues of importance to county governments.

We educate, train and provide research on public policy to federal, state and local officials and to the membership on issues important to counties. We advocate for our 62 counties, including the City of New York, to the legislative and executive branches of government at the state and federal levels.

NYSAC is the voice of New York's county governments and taxpayers.

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The County Perspective

Executive 2015-16 State Budget Proposal County Impact Summary

New York State Association of Counties
and the New York State County Executives Association


2015 Legislative Platform

NYSAC has released its 2015 Legislative Platform, which was developed by county delegates, and reflects the need for specific state or federal action. These priority issues have a direct impact on local governments, our businesses and the New Yorkers who live in our communities. NYSAC is urging the Governor and State Legislature to support these initiatives. Read more.

101 Ways Counties Serve New York

Did you know that in New York State, counties

were first established in 1683, more than 100 years before New York became a state; and today we work to protect the health, safety and welfare of New Yorkers through the passage of local laws, resolutions and ordinances.  Read more...

A Toolkit for Government Efficiency

In order to achieve real and permanent property tax relief, state leaders need to reform those mandates and policies that have made New Yorkers some of the highest taxed citizens in the nation. Until those reforms are enacted, county and local leaders are developing shared service programs and efficiency initiatives to stabilize property taxes across the state. This Local Government Efficiency toolkit is designed to help you identify and quantify the past, present and future initiatives that save local tax dollars.


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Your Voice for County Government

NYSAC amplifies the voices of county officials and taxpayers in Albany, Washington D.C. and throughout the state. Read Your County Voice for a full overview of NYSAC's role and function.

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NYSAC's YouTube channel is full of informational videos from county leaders and the experts on NYSAC's staff.
View the latest NYSAC videos.

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Counties Promote Organ Donation

Counties across NYS are adopting resolutions in support of organ donor registration. Under the direction of Past-President Ed Diana (who recently received a liver transplant), counties are encouraging residents to register as organ donors.  Learn more.

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Funding 9-1-1 Services

Counties are planning for investments in emergency communications systems. This report outlines the challenges of providing 9-1-1 services, and proposes several policy solutions. Read the full report.

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January 2015 Resolutions


Pelletier County Government Institute

"The Pelletier Institute gave me a fresh perspective and a powerful network dedicated to strengthening local government statewide. The education and training I gained in the program have given me the power and ability to intelligently and effectively serve the people who confide in me as their representative. The instructors are knowledgeable and the workshops are interesting and enlightening. NYSAC is a vital source of education and professional development for county officials. All the arrows point in the same direction: toward good government!" - Harmony Speciale, Oneida County, 2013 graduate

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County Directory
Hard copies of the 2014 NYSAC County Directory are now available, as well as the online version.
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