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NYSAC Reports


A Roadmap to Mandate Relief series of reports

This series of reports incorporates the scores of mandate relief ideas put forth by member counties into rational, actionable proposals that State lawmakers and the Mandate Relief Council can embrace and implement. It identifies major mandates under key program areas, and offers solutions to lighten the burden on the homeowners and businesses that pay county property taxes.

NYSAC Medicaid Redesign Report (Winter 2012)

This report is the culmination of a study undertaken by county officials on NYSAC's Medicaid redesign team. The report offers suggestions for fundamentally reducing the cost of the Medicaid program to a level that is sustainable without the use of a County share.

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New York State Property Tax Cap

This report provides a framework for understanding New York State’s recently enacted property tax cap law.

Although there are many outstanding questions and concerns that the State of New York must account for and explain to local government officials, NYSAC believes this report will provide timely and important information to assist county officials as they construct their 2012 budgets.

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The County Call to Cut Property Taxes

It’s time for the State to redesign Medicaid and reform State mandates that drive up county property taxes, according to testimony provided by the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) to three State public meetings at the beginning of the State's Legislative Session.

NYSAC delivered its report on The County Call to Cut Property Taxes to the New York State Senate Local Government Committee and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Mandate Relief Redesign Team.

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Report on the Future of Farming in New York State

The NYSAC Blue Ribbon Task Force on the Future of New York Farming presented the State Department of Agriculture and Markets its Final Report at the recent NYSAC Fall Seminar in Buffalo.

The Task Force, comprised of working farmers who also serve as elected county officials, included a series of recommendations calling on state and federal elected officials to do a better job to strengthen the agriculture industry in New York State.

In particular, the report calls for:

* Enhancing milk process reporting,
* Improving method used to determine “supply and demand” forecasting for dairy products,
* Creating agricultural economic development programs,
* Supporting proper labeling of products to promote enhanced consumer confidence,
* Assisting farmers in their ongoing efforts to be stewards of soil and water resources, and
* Incentivizing counties to develop their own farmland protection programs.

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It's Time to Change Medicaid

The best way for State leaders to reduce the burden facing property taxpayers in New York is to take homeowners and businesses out of financing the State’s skyrocketing Medicaid program.

NYSAC's Report on the State's proposal to take over Medicaid Administration was published in October 2010. It recognizes that if the State assumes full responsibility for Medicaid then there will be a dramatic corresponding reduction in property taxes and local budget pressures, far outweighing the benefits of any property tax cap proposal.

The report was developed by the NYSAC Presidential Commission on the State Takeover of Medicaid, which was created in response to language included in the 2010-11 State Budget directing the State Department of Health to develop a plan for the State to takeover Medicaid administration, a responsibility that currently sits with the 57 counties and the City of New York.

Medicaid administration only accounts for 2 percent of the total $52 billion the State spends on Medicaid each year. Currently property taxpayers fund $7 billion of the total cost of the State’s Medicaid program—and none of that covers Medicaid administration.

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County Government Organization in New York State

New York State’s 57 counties outside the City of New York have generally adopted one of 3 methods of county organization, and this research publication summarizes those government structures and provides examples of each.

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