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Medicaid Updates: Administrative Takeover

The State continues to work toward taking over more Medicaid administrative responsibilities from counties, with a mix of positive and negative outcomes.  The State is adding seven more counties to the statewide Enrollment Center in December and is now processing family planning applications from provider groups for upstate counties.

The State is still on schedule to centralize Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Medicaid eligible recipient enrollment by October 2013. The MAGI eligible population represents between 60-70 percent of the Medicaid recipients (but probably somewhat less than 50 percent of the estimated workload) in New York and will represent a significant milestone in the State’s takeover of Medicaid administrative from counties.

NYSAC is continuing discussions with the State regarding how to operationalize the cap on Medicaid administrative reimbursement. NYSAC successfully fought for a “pool” of state financed resources to help hold harmless counties that exceed their cap allotments and it appears that sufficient resources will be available for counties that may exceed their 2012 cap.        (Dave Lucas)

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