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County Leaders Endorse Ballot Propositions for Adirondack Park and Sewer Project Debt Exclusion

ew York State Association of Counties (NYSAC), which represents all 62 counties, including New York City, has recently passed a resolution endorsing three proposed constitutional amendments that will be on the November 5 statewide election ballot.

NYSAC urges statewide voter support of Propositions 4 and 5, which would both add thousands of acres of forever wild state land to the Adirondack Park, and increase public access.

The passage of Proposition 4 would allow the state Legislature to settle the 100-year-old problem of disputed property titles in the Town of Long Lake, Hamilton County; and

Proposition 5 would allow the state to temporarily swap 200 acres of seldom-used Adirondack Forest Preserve land for 1,500 acres of prime recreational forests that will be permanently added to the Adirondack Preserve.

“Passage of propositions 4 and 5 would be of great benefit to the environment and economy of the Adirondack Region,” said NYSAC Executive Director Stephen J. Acquario. “Adirondack local governments and property owners will finally find relief from a costly, century-old dispute; 100 good-paying Adirondack Region jobs will be protected; and more than 1,500 acres of recreational lands will be added to the state Forest Preserve for the enjoyment of residents and visitors for generations to come.

NYSAC is also supporting Proposition 3, which would extend for another 10 years the ability of local governments to exclude debt incurred to build or renovate sewage facilities from certain local government debt limitations. This provision has been renewed in 10 year increments since 1963, and needs to be continued to ensure the public health and safety of our communities and the environment.

“The New York State Association of Counties wholeheartedly believes that these proposals warrant the support of counties and voters throughout our state,” Acquario said.

TheĀ New York State Association of Counties is a bipartisan municipal association serving the counties of New York State, including the City of New York. Organized in 1925, NYSAC’s mission is to represent, educate and advocate for member counties and the thousands of elected and appointed county officials who serve the public.

Media Contact: Mark F. LaVigne – Deputy Director

New York State Association of Counties


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